Specializing in sustainable farming practices
pasture raised meats [beef, pork, chicken, turkey], chemical-free pastures & produce and preserving the bounty of local produce in our on-site commercial kitchen to give us local foods year-round.

Our Farm

Wholesome Valley Farm, which sits in the rolling hills of Holmes County, is known for its sustainable, organically-grown produce and pasture-raised livestock. With an on-site commercial kitchen, bakery, cannery and store--all anchored by a 19th century barn.

We raise chicken, pork and duck. Pasture raised on organically grown pastures/woods and fed a supplemental non-gmo feed. We work with other farmers in our area to grown organic corn for our feed as well.


Chickens are raised in shade wagons / chicken tractors that are moved to new pastures daily. They love to hunt and peck for the bugs in the grass.


Turkeys are also raised on pastures, rotating through 20+ acres of field. You'll likely see the group of Heritage turkeys in the field along Route 62. These birds are very active and have a fan following come Thanksgiving time. We are working on growing our flock - right now we have about 200 heritage birds. They sell quickly every year. Our Market Turkeys are raised in 2 different groups (started at different times to have a variety of sizes come Thanksgiving time) and in 2 separate fields. They roam the fields of sorghum, sunflowers and rye, pecking for bugs in the soil. You can find the latest Thanksgiving offerings HERE.


Our beef is 100% grassfed -- start to finish. No grains included in their diet. In the summer months, the beef are rotated daily on our organically grown pastures. We put up our own hay from our pastures as well to keep the beef eating well during the winter months.


Sustainable Agriculture

new chicken shade wagon small

Pasture Raised


100% Grassfed Beef

Where can our products be found?

We have an on-site farm store, open daily from 8am to 8pm. 927 US Route 62. Big yellow bank barn, store is in the lower part of the barn. Look for the double doors with a red "Open" sign.


Ohio City Provisions in Ohio City/Cleveland. Located at 3208 Lorain Ave, open daily 10am to 7pm. Farmer/owner Trevor is also a co-owner at this butcher shop that sources directly from our farm. You'll find a wide variety of fresh meat cuts, house-made sausages (made without fillers or nitrates), lunchmeats and more. The butcher shop focuses on local producers for other items like cheese, dairy, grains, produce and more.


Fresh Fork Market in the Cleveland/Akron area is a subscription CSA service that farmer/co-owner Trevor founded in 2008. Fresh Fork also sources our grassfed, pasture raised meats for their CSA boxes and a la carte purchases for their subscribers.