Our  T U R K E Y S  are

Pasture-raised, rotated to new pastures daily

Fed a non-gmo, transitional organic supplemental feed

Antibiotic & hormone-free

Healthy & extremely flavorful

Heritage Breed -- American Bronze Standard, bred for juicy, dark meat

Market Breed --  Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys, bred for more white meat

Fresh, not frozen (processed the weekend before Thanksgiving)

Group of Heritage Turkeys
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Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday and we pride ourselves on offering you the absolute best food we can find that was grown and raised right around here. It starts with the star of the show-- the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Over the years, we have received countless emails, letters and calls telling us that our turkeys are hands-down the best turkeys our customers have ever tried. Our turkeys are raised on pasture, where they eat a diet high in protein, and live outside in fresh air. They get moved to new pasture daily, and we scatter "scratch grains" around the pasture to encourage them to roam further in search of fresh sprouts, bugs and forage on pasture. This slows their growth but also provides for an extremely flavorful turkey with a firmer texture. This years birds seem to be more active than in the past. It's not a rare sight to see them on one side of the field in the morning and all the way across the other part by the end of the day. We're happy with how they are looking so far!


Our Market Turkeys are Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys. These are our most popular birds, bred for more white meat. This is the right turkey for 95% of customers. It has a more pronounced breast and therefore more white meat. These turkeys roam a 10 acre pasture planted with a mix of sorghum, sunflowers, clover, and millet. The tall stalks of the sorghum provide natural shade for the turkeys. They turkeys have the freedom to range around the pasture, on the look-out for the next "shiny" object to peck at with curiosity.

Market Turkeys are available in various weight ranges and price per pound varies by weight range (listed below). Since our turkeys are fresh, we do not know exact weights until they arrive the weekend before Thanksgiving. We do our best to match the range selected.

Less than 15 - $6 per pound

15 to 20  - $5.50 per pound
20 to 25 - $5.25 per pound
Over 25 - $5 per pound


Our Heritage Turkeys are American Bronze Standard Heritage Breed. They tend to be smaller than our Market Turkeys and have more juicy, dark meat. These Heritage Turkeys have a devoted fan base and we sell out early every year.  This year, we were fortunate enough to grow our breeding flock and we have a few more heritage birds than previous years. Supply is still limited, though. These 150 heritage birds roam a 5 acre pasture with a mix of forage greens and trees. The trees provide a natural shade and a perching spot -- yes, the turkeys can fly and are frequently spotted in the trees at sundown.

The size of the heritage birds is dramatically different based on gender. The males (toms) are generally 17 to 20# and the hens are rarely larger than 14 lbs. Usually 10 to 12 lbs.

9 to 12 - $8.75 per pound
17 to 20 - $8 per pound

What size turkey do I need? We recommend 1.5# pre-cooked weight per adult. This can vary person-to-person, depend on the other sides you're cooking and whether your guests eat white meat or dark meat and if you want leftovers. We personally prefer a larger turkey -- leftovers for us and our guests!

Pick up at the FARM STORE

Monday through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week
927 US Route 62 in Wilmot

If you are located in the Cleveland and Northern Akron Area, our turkeys are also sold at our family companies. They have separate order forms and pickup dates/times and locations. Click the business name below to see more pick-up location options.

Fresh Fork Market
Fresh turkeys available starting Nov 21. Pick-up options in Akron, Beachwood, Brecksville, Cleveland Heights, Hudson, Lakewood, Mentor, Rocky River, Solon, Strongsville & Westlake.

Ohio City Provisions
Located at 3208 Lorain Ave in Ohio City, Cleveland. Fresh Turkeys, Brined Turkeys + a variety of Chef inspired turkey variations (smoked, roulade, brined turkey breast & more). If you need a turkey prior to Nov. 20th, check out the options available at OCP.
Brined turkeys available for pick-up as early as November 16th.

- We do not sell live turkeys or breeding stock
- Turkeys will be available beginning the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Because our turkeys are fresh, we are unable to accommodate pick up earlier in the month.
    - If you would like a turkey prior to Monday, November 20th, checkout our family company OHIO CITY PROVISIONS [same turkeys from our farm, same price point]. Brined turkeys available as early as November 16th.
- Pick-up is on our farm [927 US Route 62]. If you are in the Cleveland/Akron area, our family companies may have a pick-up point closer to you. Check them out --> Fresh Fork Market & Ohio City Provisions.