927 US Route 62 in Wilmot, OH
Farm Store Hours: Friday 12pm - 6pm
Online Order Pickup Days: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Our  T U R K E Y S  are

Pasture-raised, rotated to new pastures daily

Fed a non-gmo, transitional organic supplemental feed

Antibiotic & hormone-free

Healthy & extremely flavorful

Heritage Breed -- American Bronze Standard, bred for juicy, dark meat

Market Breed --  Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys, bred for more white meat

Fresh, not frozen (processed the weekend before Thanksgiving)

Group of Heritage Turkeys
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Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday and we pride ourselves on offering you the absolute best food we can find that was grown and raised right around here. It starts with the star of the show-- the Thanksgiving Turkey. You've probably read about our turkeys in emails and social media. They were quite the adventure for us this year! The turkeys are pasture-raised, and most days very free-range making their rounds outside of their pasture during dinner time!

Over the years, we have received countless emails, letters and calls telling us that our turkeys are hands-down the best turkeys our customers have ever tried. Our turkeys are raised on pasture, where they eat a diet high in protein, and live outside in fresh air. Some of them are raised in the cornfield, naturally fertilizing the land, while having a chance to dart in and out of the corn and eat the lower leaves. All this culminates in tasty, healthy turkeys.

Thanksgiving orders can be picked up at the FARM STORE

Monday, Nov 25 & Tuesday, Nov 26 from 12-6pm, both days.


Online ordering is closed, however, you can call us at 330-359-2129 to reserve a turkey. We will have some extras available in the Farm Store Monday & Tuesday for walk-ins, supplies are limited.

Market Turkeys - $4.50/lb - 18-20+ lbs still available!

Also available:

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Meringue Pie and Buttercream Sugar Cookies

"All The Fixings" Package

If you are located in the Cleveland and Northern Akron Area, our turkeys are also sold at our family companies:

Fresh Fork Market -- 12 area pickup locations

Ohio City Provisions -- 3208 Lorain Ave.